Sketch Script: New Phone

Title: New Phone

Written By Wes Corwin

EXT – Park bench

Person #2 is sitting on a park bench staring down at their phone. Person #1 walks by with the same model phone. Person #2’s phone catches their eye.

P1: Hey! Is that the new Vazio phone?

P2: Yeah!

P1: Nice! I just got mine! Still figuring out all the new features!

P2: Oh, really? Check this out!

Person #2 takes Person #1’s phone. They proceed to press the phones back-to-back, pull them apart by an inch, and then press them back together. They repeat the action two or three times.

P1: Whoa! What are you doing? Sharing photos or contacts?

P2: I’m making them kiss.

P1: …Oh.

For 30 more seconds, P2 presses P1’s phone against his own, making kissy lips as he does it. P1 quietly stares at this as he waits to get his phone back. Slow fade to black.

SUPERIMPOSE: “Vazio: You can make them kiss”

The End

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