Sketch Script: Two Bedroom, One Bath

Title: Two Bedroom, One Bath

Written By Wes Corwin

INT – Room

Person #1 is in a room alone sifting through cabinets, not exactly sure what they’re looking for. Person #2 opens the door staring down at a clipboard with a pen and Person #1 immediately closes the cabinet and focuses on Person #2.

P2: Sorry for the wait, Mr. Johnson.

P1: Oh, it’s no problem.

Person #2 flips to the next page of the packet on his clipboard without looking up.

P2: So, what were you thinking?

P1: Oh, y’know, just whatever gets the job done… I think, two bedroom, one bath, is that all right?

Person #2 glances up for half a moment, before shrugging and putting the pen to paper.

P1: It’s your baby, you can name it whatever you want.

Person #2 turns around, saying aloud what he’s writing.

P2: Twobedroomonebath Johnson.

As P2 exits the room, P1 pumps his fist in the air.

The End

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