Sketch Script: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Title: Rock, Paper Scissors

Written By Wes Corwin

EXT – Sidewalk

Camera is pointed from the ground up at two people, Person #1 and Person #2 looking straight down. Between words, their hands move slightly up and down.

P1 & P2: (in unison, chanting) Rock, Paper, Scissors, Dynamite, Explosive Device Defusal Police Unit, Crippling Fear of Failure to Perform Under Pressure, Therapeutic Sessions, Doubt in Therapy’s Effectiveness, Statiscal Backing, Widespread Anti-Intellectual Sentiment!

They stop. The camera flips to their hands, which is holding a piece of paper, on which is an itemized list with checkboxes of all the things they just said.

P2: This is a weird scavenger hunt…

Person #2 looks at Person #1.

P2: I don’t think we can finish this… Let’s give up.

Both gasp.


Both high five and freeze frame. The screen turns to black and white and zooms in slowly on the high five.

SUPERIMPOSE: “They never completed the scavenger hunt.”

The End

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