Frequently Unasked Questions #1: What is this website for?


Welcome to my website, mysterious internet stranger. It’s good to meet you digitally.

That’s a weird thing to say. You’re not meeting me by reading this blog post, this is a collection of words a past version of me wrote, carefully curated and placed together in a sequence for optimal human intake.

That’s how reading works.

Considering the constant changes a person’s personality goes through every day, there’s no way the person that I was once that wrote this blog post still exists. I know that for sure, because I’m the person writing this sentence and as I type this, I have no idea what kind of maniac wrote the paragraph two above this one.

But it was me. We’re all four-dimensional beings operating within the spectrum of time, taking our collective memories and amalgamating it into a human approximation of values and beliefs that are us in this moment. Then, from that point, we aim them towards a series of goals and objectives and errands that shape who will we be and slowly but constantly shift in such a way that we are in a constant state of identity flux.

So, in calculus terms, the differential of you now is where you’re going and the integral is everywhere you’ve ever been.

Of course, that’s a simplified expression based on two-variable calculus, those two variables in this case being time and location. There are so many complexities and variances to a personality, summarizing and categorizing someone into a series of number-based variables, is impossible.

I made this web-site because I want to improve and practice writing. I’m going to write here every day.

I also do stand-up. There’s also a calendar with my shows on it in case you want to find me in person and tell me to stop doing this.

K. Love you.

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