Sketch Script: Atlantis

Title: Atlantis

Written By Wes Corwin

EXT – Forest

BEGIN PICTURE SEQUENCE. Each event described is accompanied by a drawn picture recounting the event as djembe music plays in background.

FIRST IMAGE: Grecian philosopher in toga talking to people as they become increasingly more angry.

Narrator: 400 AD, an unknown philosopher theorizes an utopian, technologically advanced empire trapped underneath the sea. For his heretical ideas, he is thrown into the ocean.

NEXT IMAGE: World War 1 era soldiers walking into the sea.

Narrator: 1922, President Warren G. Harding orders a scouting party to travel into Lake Erie by foot to learn what they can of the mystery. All are mysteriously lost… As is the tank that was sent with them.

LAST IMAGE: Stock photo of Winston Churchill.

Narrator: At some point in time, World War 2 occurs.

Scrolling fast images of Wes Corwin travelling on hills and speaking to people, pointing to pictures of water.

Narrator: But now, we finally learn the truth. Filmmaker Wes Corwin continues a search for the truth that’s been carried out for centuries… This is Part 1 of…


Wes walks in the middle of a forest, equipped with a large walking stick and backpack.  Wes stops walking as the djembes end with a dramatic final thud.

Wes then looks to his immediate left. Then his right.

Wes: (somewhat out of breath) It’s not here!


Narrator: Next time, on the search for Atlantis.

(Wes peels through the contents of a trash can, shaking his head at each thing.)

The End

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