Show Announcements – Week of 11/7-11/14

Hey y’all!

I’m sorry for the week without blog post goodness, I’ve been trying to pick up every certification I can to beef up my professional resume! I have one month left at my current post. After that, my path is as mysterious as it is unknown. DOUBLE MYSTERIOUS.

I know this blog is becoming exactly what I feared it would be and what thousands of blogs on the internet already are, is someone who starts every post by apologizing for not posting more frequently. But that’s kind of how I speak in real life is beginning interactions with an apology. Plus, it creates the illusion that I have people I needs must apologize to when I go a day without posting, instead of this blog being a quiet ghost town, full of decaying buildings and long-since abandoned cars I’m filling with mannequins made of my thoughts in an effort to make this bizarre repetitive practice seem sane,  like the city from I Am Legend.

If you’re reading this, let me know via Facebook or Tweet!

Show Announcements

My Comedy Google Calendar!

Shows this week: 

11/8/16 @ 7:30 PM – Don’t Be Afraid of the Presidential Eleciton @ Hi-Tone in Memphis, TN 

Are you also terrified of what’s happening in this Presidential Election? Follow-up question: Have you ever watched a live comedy show between your fingers, too terrified to look at a TV screen?

Come to the Hi-Tone on Election Day! Hosted by Josh McLane and featuring the very best of the Memphis comedy scene! We’re going to work to find something amusing about the last year of news and campaigning until the election results are announced, at which point we’ll riff on the winner and the loser equally hard. Laugh at our nation’s pain!

11/14/16 @ 7 PM – Cajun’s Comedy Competition @ Cajun’s Wharf in Little Rock, AK

My first time performing in Arkansas!

25 comedians from all over the country enter Cajun’s Wharf in Little Rock, Arkansas. They will be eliminated one by one, until at Finals Night on November 28th, a champion is crowned to stand all amongst his fallen brethren.

Comedy contests are fun! I usually hate them, but I might not this time!

Hope to see you there!

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