Haha, wow! This site still exists!


I’m Wes Corwin and this is a blog dedicated to my comedic pursuits.

It’s been almost two years since I’ve written anything on this site. I’ve done a lot of writing off of it, but this site is eerily behind.

I’m trying not to shame myself about it, cuz it’s okay.

You ever see George RR Martin’s blog? Sure, it’s GREAT… over time. But when you start from the beginning the first post is him saying he won’t post there ever and then three months pass before he makes his second post which is a paragraph about football.

It’s okay. Blogs don’t have to be interesting. Ideally, they are and they should be, but if this one isn’t, I don’t have to internalize and feel bad about it.

Anyway, since in the last two years, the Noble Rey showcase has taken off something fierce, I produced my first comedy festival (Plano Comedy Festival), I was awarded Best Comedian in Dallas and won the Funniest Comedian in Texas contest at the Addison and Arlington Improv.

I’m going to try to clean up this blog a little bit because, as I learned today, it’s the 5th thing that comes up when you google my name. So, while this blog doesn’t have to be interesting, it shouldn’t look like I died at some point in April 2017.

I’ve updated my bio to include my latest achievements and am going to spend a little while trying to remove all these public domain coffee bean pictures.

Thanks for stopping by!


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