Updated the Podcasts page!

Hey y’all! Hope you’re staying safe, wearing a mask, and not giving into the gnawing sense that everything is wrong and we can never go back to the way things were.

If you are in the need for some listening entertainment (or are just lonely and need voices to occupy the same space you’re in), I updated my podcast appearances page with all the podcasts I found myself on over 2020.

First and Foremost: Frazier on Frasier! This is a podcast I’ve been creating with my good buddy, FrasierHead Adam Frazier. We talk about our favorite Frasier goofs and get into a couple goofs ourselves. We wrapped season 1 this month, 24 episodes. You can watch the show on Hulu or CBS All-Access Pass, then listen to us talk about it. You can even try to chime in, then pretend we’re being rude and not letting you get a word in edge-wise, if that’s your ideal situation right now!

Now for the guest appearances in order of when I recorded them!

Behind the Bits! This is a fantastic interview podcast I recorded with Scott Curtis in order to promote the Plano Virtual Comedy Festival. Scott is a stellar comic and a great interviewer, even though he insists if you listen back to the episode, I was not having a good time. I SWEAR I WAS, SCOTT.

Keep Trying, It’s Fine! Greg Katapody, Lily Callaway and Adam Nuffer produced a political discussion comedy podcast to get people excited and registered to vote in the 2020 Election. Barry Whitewater, one of my favorite comedy people, and I were invited to talk about the VP debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris. We talk about that fly on Mike Pence’s head and I get irritated with that 12 year old’s debate question.

Double Double Feature Feature! Alex Gaskin, Ravi Kiran and Jeremy Schmidt let me come on their podcast and talk about a couple movies. I was feeling a certain way about mixed medium films at the time, so I picked Cool World and The Congress. I didn’t like either of them, but really like Who Framed Roger Rabbit! The conversation is fun, equal parts film analysis and comedy bits.

Counting Lights! Comedian Dan Danzy and Hall of Fame Wrestler slash Comedian Khris Germany had me on their podcast to talk grappling and wrestling. I occasionally drop wrestling references in my stand-up, but I’ve never talked about the origin of where my love came from, nor have I gotten the chance to look back on it with a critical eye. Come for Khris Germany, one of the most knowledgeable people about wrestling today, and stay for the three of us trading bits.

Anyway, that’s what I have for you. I have a couple side projects I’m working on, click that follow button for updates. Otherwise, stay safe, see you in 2021, hopefully on the other side of this whole thing.

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