Podcast Appearances

All the instances where a podcast had me on as a guest, sorted by podcast.

Currently, my good buddy Adam Frazier and I are currently producing a podcast called “Frazier on Frasier” where we review Frasier episodes.

Frazier on Frasier

I also have an on-hiatus podcast which is a radio drama where a comedian and I review the dramatic themes and storytelling facets of the Netflix original series Real Rob. We usually do things while we talk about the show, like build horrifying monsters or climb Mount Everest or try to stop aforementioned monster from wreaking havoc on the local townsfolk.

You can listen to the last two episodes here while I try to scrape together the sixteen dollars to upgrade my Soundcloud account to get the first six.

When Keeping It Real Goes Rob

And way, way back when I lived in Austin, I used to host a technology news podcast with my good comedy buddy and also regular buddy Paul Harrison. You can check out all 106 episodes below.

Feature Complete Alpha Podcast

Now! For guest appearances! In alphabetical podcast name then chronological order.

Before & After

Closed on Sunday!!! (Special Guests Brian Breckenridge and Wes Corwin)

Brave Boys

Wes Corwin and Nick Fields Talk About Conspiracies

Dr Heckle

Episode 51: John Lennon’s unsanitary proposition. Corwin, Wheeler, et al.

Episode 17.1: Creationist conversion. Brimble, Corwin, et al

Episode 17: Evidence of decline in horse based transport. Corwin, Smith, Doyle, et al.

Nobody Knows with Joey Johnson

Wes Corwin & Sal Fiannaca

What’s Wrong With You

Episode 6 Wes Corwin

Whatever You Want with Jairo Flores