Sketch Script: Optometry

Title: Optometry

Written By Wes Corwin

INT – Room

Camera is pointed at man squinting and covering one eye, looking straight down at a piece of paper. The lens focuses on the first letter, coming in and out of focus.

P1: T…H. I.


S. A…

P2: (off-screen) Okay…

P1 looks down a line further and switches eyes he’s covering.

P1: R…


E. R. Y.

P2: (off-screen) Okay… Interesting. Do you have short-term memory loss?

Person #1 is amazed, uncovering both eyes.

P1: Wow, yes! You can tell that from a vision test?

P2: No, sir. I’m robbing your bank.

Camera flips to person 2, standing outside of a bank teller’s window, wearing a mask.

Camera flips back to person 1 who is reading the note again, covering the original eye.

P1: T…H. I.

The End

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