Upcoming Shows and Projects and Stuff

Hey guys!

This week has been fun. My first solo Cracked article went up Sunday morning and tomorrow morning, I was notified my third co-writer and fourth general Cracked article (about Insane Reality Shows screwing their contestants) is dropping tomorrow!

I’m working on a couple of new scripts (short sketches and some long-form stuff). I’m also trying to learn AngularJS, which is a whole different thing completely separate from comedy. In terms of stuff I didn’t write but people I love wrote, yesterday I read for a fun radio-drama podcast on the OAM network called Writing University and over today and tomorrow, I’m filming stuff for a project that’s currently being kept on the hush-hush. Check back here regularly so you don’t miss a link to the former (which will be me voice acting with a dismissive puritanical British accent) and the latter (which is a part that is shrouded in mystery…)

In terms of stand-up, my last work day in Memphis is December 12th! After that, literally anything could happen! Catch me telling jokes while I’m still alive!

My Comedy Google Calendar!

Shows this week: 

10/20/16 @ 7 PM – Pool City @ The Venue in Memphis, TN 

It’s Pittsburgh-slash-Memphis comedy friend Rob Speer‘s birthday show! We’re performing at his apartment complex’s pool area, inside of the pool. If you’ve ever wanted to see me do stand-up in a swimsuit and wet, this show was designed for you! Watch me awkwardly dog paddle to the center of the pool and attempt to tell jokes! Show for donations!


10/21/16 @ 6 PM- Comedy in the Attic @ Coffee in the Attic in Covington, TN

My comedy debut in Covington, TN! Doing ten minutes on a show headlined by the very funny Drew Davis. Telling the clean jokes, saying none of the dirty words! This show will contain both of your interests! Unless you like dark comedy… in which case…


10/21/16 @ 9 PM – Memphis Against Humanity @ Midtown Crossing Grill in Memphis, TN

I defend my one-month title as the champion of Memphis Against Humanity. Vieing for my crown are Memphis comedy legend Michael Kline and a mysterious third competitor. What stops will MAH general manager and host Benny Elbows pull, what deal with what devil has he made to get control of his show’s belt back?

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