Show Announcements: Week of 10/23-30

Sup y’all!

I am really struggling to write.

In my drafts folder, I have two half-written posts that started out promising and turned incredibly negative (one was about the Rocky Horror remake, so go figure).

I really am going to try to post every day this week so check back! I’ll find something to write about; They might start short or simple just so I can get into a rhythm of writing thoughts, BUT THEY’LL BE HERE!


My Comedy Google Calendar!

Shows this week: 

10/24/16 @ 9:30 PM – Featured Set @ Dru’s Place in Memphis, TN 

One of my favorite mics in town has ten minute featured spot and that’s what I’m doing! Hosted by good comedy bud and funny dude who opened for Kevin Farley Doug Gillon. If you want to watch people work on stuff at the old comedy gym, and then watch me work the bag for 10 minutes trying to tighten up my bit about encountering Sorrow, Patron of the Mad, this is the place to do it! FREE!

10/29/16 @ 7:00 PM – Chortle Portal @ Taos Co-op in Austin, TX

A show in Austin, TX at the Co-op I lived at for three years! Two of the funniest Andrews in Austin (which is saying something) Andrew Clarkston and Andrew Dismukes host one of the best showcases in town, and I will go on the record to say Best Showcase Happening in a place I once lived! Show starts at 7 PM! ALSO FREE!

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